Saturday, 27 August 2016


VISIT PHUKET ONCE IN LIFE TIMEWhenever you want to plan to visit Thailand than first of all you plan to visit phuket, really the most awesome Phuket Beaches if you want to see the place is only Phuket. Phuket is a island in Thailand which is surrounded by the Phuket Beaches from all sides and beauty of Phuket Beaches is really Heart touching, you feel so relax by visiting their.

Their are so many Phuket Beaches in phuket.

1. Patong Phuket Beach- This is very awesome Phuket Beach many new peoples from all over the world came here for parties, this Phuket Beach also known as party Phuket Beach, this is the only Phuket Beach where lots of restaurants, bars, clubs are available this Phuket Beach is awesome for the peoples who love night life.

2.Karon Phuket Beach- This Phuket Beach is the longest Phuket Beach in the phuket there are lots of markets and temples of lord Buddha.

3.Kata Phuket Beach- This Phuket Beach also known as palm lined Phuket Beach, those who want t live near nature they can easily get the accommodation here, the sand of this Phuket Beach is white like a milk and the water is crystal clear like you can see the anything inside the water very clearly.

4.Bangtao Phuket Beach-This is another Phuket Beaches but common as the other Phuket Beaches but great thing is that visitors to see this places is very low due to which you get the Phuket Beach less crowd area.

5.Surin Phuket Beach-Surin Phuket Beach is the Phuket Beach which is popularly known for its sea food, the people who love sea food this place is heaven for them because the sea food is very cheaply and easily available near this Phuket Beach and many famous shelf are prepared his dish first time only this place

Thier are so many Phuket Beaches name as given below
6.Kamala Phuket Beach
7.Kata Noi Phuket Beach
8.Nai harn Phuket Beach
9.Nai thon Phuket Beach
10.Nai Yang Phuket Beach
11.Layan Phuket Beach
12. Mai Khao Phuket Beach
13.Freedom Phuket Beach
14.Ya Nui Phuket Beach
15.Laem singn Phuket Beach
16. Banana Rock Phuket Beach
17.Aa yon Phuket Beach
18. Paradise Phuket Beach
19.Pansea Phuket Beach
20. Panwa Phuket Beach

and many other minor Phuket Beaches but more interesting and viewable Phuket Beach is Kho phi phi island.

KHO PHI PHI ISLAND and Phuket Beach
And the last but nothing is better than to see this before die, this Phuket Beach actual is not in the phuket but it is a separate island you can get the small or large fairy for to visit that place, so many sports activity is available there, the nature lover never able to forget the beauty of this island, many types of Hollywood, Bollywood movies are shoot on this island.